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Go slow in Gozo
Jo Gardner / 29.11.2005
To holiday in Malta and not spend a day in Gozo is to miss out on one of the delights of the Mediterranean. And for the 400,000 day trippers who step ashore in Gozo each year, the brief visit invariably inspires a longer return stay.
Travel Weekly November 11, 2005
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Isle of Knights
Neil Clark / 12.10.2005
'Malta is a sod of a place, ' wrote David Niven what if he was right?
The Spectator September 24, 2005
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Everything under the Maltese sun
Herman Grech / 27.08.2005
Summer in the new EU: Malta is known for its festas, fireworks and fish. Film is now also on the list – and a chance to be an extra for Spielberg, writes Herman Grech
The Irish Times August 18, 2005
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Magic Malta; it's the perfect family destination
Gill Williams / 28.06.2005
Mighty stone forts with towers and battlements provide plenty of inspiration for sandcastles when you take the kids for a family holiday on Malta. The island and its little sisters Gozo and Comino make up one of the most child-friendly destinations in the Med.
Sunday Mirror, June 26, 2005, Sunday
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Why the Maltese love the English
Why Malta is so good for Britons?
This is Lancashire, May 6, 2005
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Way to Gozo
Iain Mayhew / 24.01.2005
Weekender: travel: way to Gozo; the simple way of life charmed... The Gozitans live in squat stone-built houses, as they have for centuries. They grow potatoes and other cash crops the same way they have always done. They harvest salt from salt pans as they did during Roman times. And they worship at churches – nearly all of them the size of cathedrals – as they have since the Crusades. ...
The Mirror, January 22, 2005, Saturday
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Gozo; an island of legend
Wolf Arnold / 24.01.2005
Malta's little sister island is home to quaint fishing villages and Odysseus' prison of love
The Toronto Sun, January 23, 2005 Sunday
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Mediterranean – Malta's worth a troy!
Kerry McCarthy / 13.01.2005
As everything is within walking distance, even the most exclusive hotels are just a stone's throw from noisy night clubs. Despite its undoubted charms, Malta still is a bit brash, so I would prefer it as a short-break holiday destination, to grab some Mediterranean sun and escape the everyday cares of home.
The Sunday People, January 9, 2005
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The lowdown . . . on Malta
n/a / 13.01.2005
In Malta you'll find an amazing cocktail of UK, Italian and Arabian cultures. You can explore 7000 years of history yet live passionately in the present.
Daily Post (Liverpool) January 8, 2005
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Unexpected pleasures
Ross Bentley / 26.12.2004
The island of Malta is full of surprises and holidaymakers can't fail to be impressed
Travel Weekly, November 5, 2004
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Double the attraction
Ross Bentley / 26.12.2004
Double the attraction; Malta is becoming a popular option for twin-centre holidays
Travel Weekly, November 5, 2004
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Vestiges of invasions and views of the sea; history and tourism collide in Malta
Otto Pohl / 29.11.2004
...Around us was evidence of invasion. Armies from almost all regional powers that ever flourished near the Mediterranean besieged Malta at some point, including the Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, Islamic armies and the French. These days, it is battalions of tourists. We were surrounded by flabby tourists showing too much flesh. I looked up at the blue sky and concentrated on my drink...
The International Herald Tribune, November 27, 2004 Saturday
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Ollies last pub lifts a glass to film hellraiser
Duncan Campbell / 26.05.2004
Ollies last pub lifts a glass to film hellraiser: Oliver Reeds death five years ago has given birth to a memento industry for his Malta drinking spot.
The Guardian (London), May 22, 2004
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Destination: Malta
Stephanie Booth / 11.05.2004
Gozo is slow ... oh, so slow; With beauty and charm this beguiling, it's no wonder that world powers fought over this tiny island and its two sisters for 7,000 years.
Los Angeles Times, May 2, 2004 Sunday, Home Edition
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Tiny gem at the heart of the Med
Richard Moriarty, Jane Memmler / 14.04.2004
Continuing the newspaper's series looking at the capitals of the 10 countries about to join the European Union on May 1, Richard Moriarty explores the delights of historic Valletta. This small but vibrant Maltese city boasts magnificent fortifications, stunning architecture, a friendly welcome – and a mean rabbit stew.
Sunday Express March 21, 2004
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Malta teaser: one perfect day
Damien Simonis / 14.04.2004
Malta teaser: one perfect day Basic information about the country.
The Weekend Australian April 10, 2004
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An underwater adventure in Malta
Sean Wilton / 20.11.2003
Heading off for a diving trip to Malta I envisaged myself swimming 'Man from Atlantis' style through crystal clear waters surrounded by shoals of exotic fish writes Sean Wilton. Yes I'd read the brochures describing the sun-drenched charms magnificent reefs and warm summer seas of Malta and it seemed like the perfect setting for my aquatic adventure. Malta's unspoiled waters and rocky coastline with its many coves and grottos rich fauna and sealife has seen the tiny Mediterranean island become something of an essential destination for divers.
This is Lancashire (November 19, 2003)
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Malta site explained It wasn't little green men, just farmers scratching a living
Maev Kennedy Arts and heritage correspondent / 08.10.2003
The mystery of a prehistoric site cited as, variously, a launch pad for little green men or the tracks leading to Atlantis, could be finally solved. Known as the Maltese Clapham Junction, the expanse of scrubby fields and barren rock is a bewilder ing complex of tracks believed to be up to 6,000 years old, gouged into solid limestone of the island whose megalithic temples are the oldest stone buildings in the world.
The Guardian – Final Edition – October 4, 2003
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My family affair in Malta
Steven Smith / 08.10.2003
"All in all, I had a wonderful trip, and it was great to get back to the laid-back atmosphere of Malta time'." – says ex-EastEnders star Nicola Duffett...
The Sunday People – October 5, 2003
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Malta well worth the long trip
Diane Menzies / 25.09.2003
"Why Malta?" That's a question a Canadian tourist in this tiny island country hears frequently from Maltese who seem surprised someone would come from so far away. Few Canadians, or Americans for that matter, venture this far from the usual Mediterranean destinations. But Malta, just south of Sicily, has been a popular spot for Europeans, particularly Brits, for decades. And the trip is well worth a little jet lag.
The Brockville Recorder & Times (Ontario, Canada) September 20, 2003
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Gozo's willing prisoner Paul Miles falls in love with the island
Paul Miles / 08.09.2003
Gozo's willing prisoner Paul Miles falls in love with the island where a sea nymph is said to have once captured Odysseus
Sunday Telegraph (London) September 07, 2003, Sunday
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Malta and Gozo: This is my island in the sun
Revel Barker / 25.07.2003
Perhaps we can come to some arrangement, here; I will tell you what is great about Malta and Gozo, and you will agree not to come.
The Independent (London), July 19, 2003
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Safe haven
John Deiner / 25.07.2003
Isolated Malta is ideal for tourists who want to experience Europe but are nervous about being away from home.
The Washington Post , July 20 2003
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Why the Maltese love the English
n/a / 13.07.2003
Why Maltese love Britons? Here the reader may find some reasons on the matter...
UK Newsquest Regional Press – This is Lancashire, July 8, 2003
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Malta Is Easy
John Deiner, Washington Post Staff Writer / 22.06.2003
Malta Is Easy; No Crowds, No Hassles: It's Europe Without the Angst...
The Washington Post, June 15, 2003, Sunday
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Gozo – Hidden jewel of the Mediterranean
Barry White / 22.06.2003
Malta may or may not be worth a holiday – though I wonder at a tourist attraction like the puzzling "cart tracks", which look more like fissures in the rock than ruts left by some prehistoric farmer. But Gozo, for diving, sun ("last rain was June, or was it February?") and switching off, certainly is.
Belfast Telegraph, November 30, 2002
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Knight fever
Iain Mayhew / 22.06.2003
For centuries Gozo and Malta were run by the knights of St John
Sunday Mirror, January 19, 2003, Sunday
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Paradise: Malta . . . Just perfect shame about the toilet roll
Ruth Brolly / 22.06.2003
Ruth Brolly finds an island where all the luxuries are taken care of, but just one little thing is missing...
Belfast News Letter (Northern Ireland), February 6, 2003
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In search of ... romance in Malta
Simon Heptinstall / 22.06.2003
Malta? For romance? This is some sort of joke, right?
Independent on Sunday (London) , March 16, 2003, Sunday
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Malta's capital is a magnificent old city
David Orkin / 22.06.2003
Some details about Valletta, Maltese capital city, are given.
The Independent (London), April 23, 2003, Wednesday
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Travel: Me & My Troy Boy
Jane Ridley / 22.06.2003
Jane Ridley misses Brad Pitt in Malta but sees some fabulous marine
The Mirror, May 31, 2003, Saturday
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