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'Day of Jackal' terror plot to kill the Queen
Gordon Thomas / 29.11.2005
'Day of Jackal' terror plot to kill the Queen; MI5 hunt Al Qaeda suicide attacker holed up in Malta
Sunday Express, November 20, 2005 Sunday
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In Malta, Elizabeth starts first overseas trip since July bombings
Martin Benedyk / 29.11.2005
Associated Press November 23, 2005 Wednesday
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Saved from the sea but stuck in limbo
n/a / 29.11.2005
Weekly Review: Saved from the sea but stuck in limbo: Asylum seekers polarise opinion in Malta and create a dilemma for the EU.
Guardian Weekly, October 21, 2005
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Memories of Malta mission
Joyanne Pursaga / 12.10.2005
Portage La Praire veteran returns to island he fought to defend during second world war
Portage Daily Graphic (Manitoba) September 24, 2005
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Malta fears it will sink under growing tide of migrants from Africa
David Rennie / 23.09.2005
THE holiday island of Malta is in the grip of an accidental tragedy: it is directly in the path of a growing and potentially vast flow of asylum seekers from sub-Saharan Africa to southern Europe.
The Daily Telegraph (London) September 21, 2005
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Malta seeks fruits of friendship
Michael Knipe / 19.01.2005
Libya's most loyal ally is aiming to benefit as Tripoli opens up to the West. Through good times and bad Libya's most loyal friend has always been Malta. During the decades of international sanctions and global isolation, it wasthe Mediterranean island 210 miles (350 km) to the north that provided a lifeline to the African state, supplying just about everything down to such basic items as tinned fish and bars of soap.
The Times (London) January 18, 2005, Tuesday
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Malta's prime minister set to step down after 16 years
Godfrey Grima / 17.02.2004
Mr Fenech Adami, who has served as prime minister for 16 years, always promised to relinquish his position once he turned 70.
Financial Times (London, England) February 4, 2004 Wednesday
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Maltese At Crossroads Over Euro Vision
Maltese At Crossroads Over Euro Vision – Malta Will Be One Of 10 States Joining The EU Next Year. Michael Imeson Reports On Preparation In The Financial Sector, And The Consequences That Membership Will Bring
The Banker November 1, 2003
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Malta: review
Comment & Analysis; Country Profile; Statistics; Forecast
Janet Matthews Information Services October 20, 2003
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The Invincible Rock Of Malta
n/a / 26.07.2003
Nottingham Evening Post, July 25, 2003
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Malta aims to link Europe with the North African littoral
Central Bank of Malta / 27.06.2003
Whether Malta joins the EU or not, the forthcoming enlargement will have an important bearing on the country's future development. There is no doubt, however, that the country's reforms have been spurred by the prospect of EU membership. Governor M C Bonello, Bank of Malta, explains why.
Euroinvest, spring 2003
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Decision time nears for European membership
Godfrey Grima and Ross Tieman / 22.06.2003
Decision time nears for European membership. A referendum on whether to join the EU and an election form part of Malta's busy political agenda in 2003, write Godfrey Grima and Ross Tieman
Financial Times (London), November 25, 2002
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