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Ollies last pub lifts a glass to film hellraiser
Duncan Campbell / 26.05.2004
Ollies last pub lifts a glass to film hellraiser: Oliver Reeds death five years ago has given birth to a memento industry for his Malta drinking spot.
The Guardian (London), May 22, 2004
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Tiny gem at the heart of the Med
Richard Moriarty, Jane Memmler / 14.04.2004
Continuing the newspaper's series looking at the capitals of the 10 countries about to join the European Union on May 1, Richard Moriarty explores the delights of historic Valletta. This small but vibrant Maltese city boasts magnificent fortifications, stunning architecture, a friendly welcome – and a mean rabbit stew.
Sunday Express March 21, 2004
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An underwater adventure in Malta
Sean Wilton / 20.11.2003
Heading off for a diving trip to Malta I envisaged myself swimming 'Man from Atlantis' style through crystal clear waters surrounded by shoals of exotic fish writes Sean Wilton. Yes I'd read the brochures describing the sun-drenched charms magnificent reefs and warm summer seas of Malta and it seemed like the perfect setting for my aquatic adventure. Malta's unspoiled waters and rocky coastline with its many coves and grottos rich fauna and sealife has seen the tiny Mediterranean island become something of an essential destination for divers.
This is Lancashire (November 19, 2003)
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My family affair in Malta
Steven Smith / 08.10.2003
"All in all, I had a wonderful trip, and it was great to get back to the laid-back atmosphere of Malta time'." – says ex-EastEnders star Nicola Duffett...
The Sunday People – October 5, 2003
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