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Lost in translation
Brian Johnston / 09.03.2006
When it comes to languages, Malta is a confusing place. The name Malta itself is either a corruption of malat, Phoenician for port, or of meli, Greek for honey, which was its main export in early times. But Maltese itself is a curious language closely akin to Arabic, so by a quirk of linguistic history, the Maltese are the only Christians who pray to Allah.
The Southland Times (New Zealand) July 4, 2001, Wednesday
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The stone age temples of Malta
Ann Monsarrat / 09.03.2006
During the first half of the present century European archaeologists, puzzling over the similarities between ancient cultures, came up with the diffusion theory: a steady spread westwards of ideas, skills and inventions from the early civilizations of the Near East. In this way the mud-brick ziggurats of ancient Sumeria (the first temples known to man) had influenced the Egyptian pyramids (the oldest stone monuments in the world) and Malta's megalithic buildings were a mere reflection of the glories of ancient Greece.
UNESCO Courier January, 1994
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Ollies last pub lifts a glass to film hellraiser
Duncan Campbell / 26.05.2004
Ollies last pub lifts a glass to film hellraiser: Oliver Reeds death five years ago has given birth to a memento industry for his Malta drinking spot.
The Guardian (London), May 22, 2004
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Malta ..the movie;
Catriona Irvine / 14.04.2004
Follow stars to the Med isle's little Hollywood
Sunday Mirror March 14, 2004, Sunday
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Tiny gem at the heart of the Med
Richard Moriarty, Jane Memmler / 14.04.2004
Continuing the newspaper's series looking at the capitals of the 10 countries about to join the European Union on May 1, Richard Moriarty explores the delights of historic Valletta. This small but vibrant Maltese city boasts magnificent fortifications, stunning architecture, a friendly welcome – and a mean rabbit stew.
Sunday Express March 21, 2004
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Malta site explained It wasn't little green men, just farmers scratching a living
Maev Kennedy Arts and heritage correspondent / 08.10.2003
The mystery of a prehistoric site cited as, variously, a launch pad for little green men or the tracks leading to Atlantis, could be finally solved. Known as the Maltese Clapham Junction, the expanse of scrubby fields and barren rock is a bewilder ing complex of tracks believed to be up to 6,000 years old, gouged into solid limestone of the island whose megalithic temples are the oldest stone buildings in the world.
The Guardian – Final Edition – October 4, 2003
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My family affair in Malta
Steven Smith / 08.10.2003
"All in all, I had a wonderful trip, and it was great to get back to the laid-back atmosphere of Malta time'." – says ex-EastEnders star Nicola Duffett...
The Sunday People – October 5, 2003
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A Brush with Caravaggio
Tom Haines, Globe Staff / 22.06.2003
A brush with Caravaggio: a renaissance artist full of heat and light made much of a stay on Malta.
The Boston Globe, July 14, 2002, Sunday
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Fortress Malta: An Island under Siege 1940-1943 by James Holland
Nicholas Fearn / 22.06.2003
More bombs fell on Malta than fell on London during the entire Blitz, so one can expect an account as moving as that of James Holland in Fortress Malta. Stories grow well in ruins...
Independent on Sunday (London), May 18, 2003
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