Виза в Россию / Russian visa for Maltese nationals | Мальта для...

Виза в Россию / Russian visa for Maltese nationals | Мальта для всех!


Things you have to know

1. Permission to enter the Russian Federation is a courtesy of the State.

2. In accordance with the International Law, the Embassy in certain cases reserves the right to consider your visa applications for as long as it deems necessary.

3. Consular Officer reserves the right to invite the Applicant to be interviewed in person.

4. Visa can be denied if the Embassy has serious reasons to believe that the Applicant’s visit to the Russian Federation is not desirable and the disclosure of the reason for such denial can be withheld.

5. Visa processing fees received from the applicant is not refundable.

To enter the Russian Federation, foreigners must have valid visas. Each type of Russian visas – Tourist, Business, Guest, Student or Transit – requires specific visa support and a completed application form.
Please note that Russian entry visas cannot be issued solely on the ground of availability of a flight ticket to Russia, proof of cash or a hotel booking.
To obtain a Russian entry visa the following set of documents should be submitted to the Consular Office:

1. Passport.

2. One (1) professional passport size photo of the applicant (the photo can be black-and-white or color).

3. A completed visa application form (one per person), which is available at the Consular Office or you can download it now.

USA passports’ holders are required to fill in a special visa application form, you can also download it.

4. Schengen States and Israeli passport holders should enclose a proof of a medical insurance issued by a medical insurance company that has a valid agreement with Russian medical institutions or medical insurance companies. The medical insurance may be proved by an original insurance policy or certificate accompanied by an official letter issued by the insurance company with original signatures and seals and indicating the name of a person traveling to Russia, period of validity of the insurance, its coverage (worldwide and/or the Russian Federation), scope of medical assistance provided by the insurance in the Russian Federation.

5a. For Tourist visas:
Copy of the formal confirmation from receiving Russian travel agency or hotel, registered with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a voucher from Maltese travel agency or the receiving Russian travel agency.
The most important application document to be submitted is a Standard Form of Confirmation and Voucher for Foreign Tourists. Confirmation is issued by the Russian hosting travel company. It carries a Reference-Number of the hosting company (which confirms that this company is allowed to receive foreign tourists), personal data of each tourist, dates of trip, itinerary in Russia, services as paid. Confirmation must be signed by authorised person and carry the official seal of the Russian travel company.
A Voucher from Russian hosting tourist company explaining who is traveling, where, when, services as paid. Voucher must be signed by authorised person and carry the official seal of the Russian travel company.

Attention! Be ready to present copies of tourist Confirmation and Voucher to the passport control officer at Russian border.

5b. For Business visas:
For a single or double entry visa – a copy of the letter of invitation, and for a multiple entry visa – the original letter of invitation issued by a Regional Passport and Visa Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. The inviting organisation/company can also arrange for the Department of Consular Service in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia to send the appropriate instruction to the Consular Section of the Embassy of Russia in Malta directly.

5c. For Private (Homestay) visas:
The original letter of invitation issued by a Regional Passport and Visa Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, which can be obtained by the applicant’s friends, relatives or associates in Russia and should be sent to the applicant in Malta in original form.

5d. Transit visas:
Valid passport with the visa of the country of your final destination, and your tickets to and from the Russian Federation.

If you apply for a visa valid for more than 3 months you should also submit the copy of HIV Test (AIDS) Certificate.

Visa processing will start only after payment is made and all required documents are submitted.

The Consular Section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation doesn’t issue visas on behalf of other former USSR Republics.

After receiving the visa, please, check it for mistakes (especially passport number, date of birth, dates of entry and departure) and, if necessary, return it to the Consular section for corrections.

The validity and type of visa should be strictly adhered to. When in Russia, you cannot change your visa status (i.e. from tourist to business or from business to educational and vice versa). To do that, you have to leave the country and re-apply for a different visa.

Visa processing starts only after the Consulate have collected all the necessary documents.

Fees for visas processing for nationals of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czechia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain,, Sweden

All visas for an intended stay of no more than 90 days per period of 180 days:

€ 35 for 10 calendar days processing;
€ 70 for less than 3 business days processing;

Holders of diplomatic passports of the mentioned countries will not need a visa to enter Russia for 90 days.

Visa fees are paid for consideration of your documents and they do not guarantee that a visa would be issued.

Please, check with the Consular officer the visa processing fees for nationals of other countries.

Address: «Ariel House», 25, Antony Schembri Street, Kappara, San Gwann, SGN4239, Malta

(+356) 21371906

Office hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – from 9.00 a.m. to 11.45 noon.