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[быт] Иммиграционный Акт Мальты

Автор сообщения: Iriska
Дата: 13.11.02/18:28

Привет :)
Вот инфо, что я нашла о законной стороне работы на Мальте. Мила, может быть ты потом переведешь на русский. Я попробовала, у меня не получился красивый перевод :). А, может быть, и не Мила, а кто-н еще, у кого время найдется.


It is Government's policy to grant employment licences in respect of expatriates only in exceptional circumstances. Such licences are issued to employers wishing to engage foreigners for a determined period and for a specific purpose, only after it has been ascertained that every effort has been made to engage a suitable Maltese citizen.
The Department for Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs is the organization responsible for the issue of such licences. An ad hoc Board, which is made up of representatives from different government departments and agencies and which is chaired by the Director of the said Department, examines applications for employment licences and gives its recommendations on the cases that are reviewed.
Licences are normally issued valid for one year and may be renewed further, obviously provided such requests are justified. In certain cases, where the foreigner is an investor in the manufacturing or financial services sectors and holds substantial shareholding in the enterprise, the relative licence may be issued on an indefinite basis.
The number of employment licence holders has fluctuated over the years. Such fluctuations could be linked, in general, to the degree of development, which the Island has undergone from time to time.

Immigration Act

32. (1) Any person who -

(b) takes in his employment, or gives work to, any person

who is not an exempt person and is not in possession

of a licence granted to him for the purpose of such

employment or work under the provisions of this Act,

or otherwise aids or assists any person who is not an

exempt person in the commission of an offence

contemplated in article 23;
shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable, on conviction by
the Court of Magistrates, to a fine (multa) not exceeding five
hundred liri or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six
months or to both such fine and imprisonment, unless a greater
punishment is established for such offence by another law.

Deportation orders.
Amended by:
VIII. 1982.2.
XXXIII. 1988.2;
22. (1) The Minister may, if he deems it to be conducive to the
public good, make a deportation order against any person.
(2) A deportation order may be made subject to any condition
which the Minister may deem proper.
Cap. 12.
(3) Notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, no
deportation order shall be obstructed, nor shall the implementation
of such order be delayed, by means of any warrant issued under the
Code of Organization and Civil Procedure.
(4) A person with respect to whom a deportation order is made
shall leave Malta in accordance with the order and shall thereafter
so long as the order is in force remain out of Malta.
(5) A person with respect to whom a deportation order is made
may be detained in such manner as may be directed by the Minister
until he leaves Malta and may be placed on board a vessel about to
leave Malta, and shall be deemed to be in legal custody whilst so
detained and until the vessel finally leaves Malta.
(6) The master of a vessel with adequate passenger facilities
about to call at any port outside Malta shall, if so required by the
Minister or by the Principal Immigration Officer, receive a person
against whom a deportation order has been made and his
dependants, if any, on board the vessel, and afford them against
payment a passage to that port and proper accommodation and
maintenance during the passage.
(7) The Minister may, if he thinks fit, apply any money or
property of a person against whom a deportation order has been
made in payment of the whole or any part of the expenses of or
incidental to the voyage from Malta and of the maintenance until
departure of that person and his dependants (if any).

Application (Заявление на разрешение на работу): http://mhae.gov.mt/services/work_permit/application_wp.pdf

LISTS OF EXPATRIATES HOLDING CURRENT EMPLOYMENT LICENCES (здесь можно проверить срок годности вашего разрешения на работу): http://www.doi.gov.mt/EN/workpermits/wplist2002/monthslast3.asp


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